Actions to Take After Your Trip

girl in rocker on porch - after your trip

Now, what should you consider after your trip?  Just returned from traveling?  Tired from all the endless to-do lists that began long before you departed and continued until returned?  You planned your trip, booked your flights, your hotels, your activities, stopped the mail, packed, found a sitter for your dog and then jetted off for a great vacation.  After enjoying the activities you planned, and some you didn’t, your trip finally came to an end.  Now, what should be on your list when you return home?

Some might have planned an extra day or two to recover, others will jump right back into their daily life as if nothing had ever happened.  However, there is a middle ground.  Here are a few things to add to your list after your trip is completed.  They will help you remain healthy, save money and relish a bit longer in the fantastic memories you created during your travels.

Check your accounts

It is always good to regularly review your bank and credit card statements.  However, this is even more critical for travelers.  Identity fraud is an increasing problem throughout the world and it often impacts travelers who are forced to use internet connections that are not secure, use credit cards with vendors and merchants they don’t know and will never see again, use debit cards in ATMs and carry extra personal identification documents. 

So a wise traveler will take the precaution of checking bank account activity and credit card activity within a few days of returning home and then again in another week or so.  Watch for things like items you don’t recognize, double charges, missing refunds or credits, overcharges, or anything unusual.  Any issues you find should be reported to your bank or credit card company immediately.

Update your cell phone package

Be sure to turn off or remove any international calling, data or other cell phone package you may have enabled before you left.  The trip is over and there is no sense continuing to pay for services you will no longer need. 

Give your email account some love

If you have let your emails build-up while you were gone, now is the time to address that bulging email inbox.  The longer you wait, the worse it will be.  So take some time now to go through your messages, respond to urgent and important items and delete all the junk or alerts that you don’t need.  Also, don’t forget to turn off your “out of office” or “vacation” notices now that you have returned.  Finally, take a moment to email or text your appropriate family and/or friends and let them know that you have arrived home safely.

Take care of your health

Traveling can take a toll on your body.  Especially those long trips when you cross several time zones, deal with flight delays, connecting flight issues, uncomfortable cramped airline seats and breathing the same cabin air as all those other passengers.  These are just a few of the travel-related things that can have an impact on your health.  Take care of yourself when you arrive home.  Drink plenty of water to rehydrate, get the sleep you need to recover after shifting time zones and pace yourself as you return to your normal world.

Organize your photos

Don’t let too much time pass after your trip before you sort through your photos.  The more time passes, the more likely it becomes that you forget some of the details from your travels.  Sort your photos now and make notes, add captions, create your travel scrapbook sooner rather than later.   You will be glad you did.

Post your reviews

You relied on reviews when making your travel plans.  Now it’s your turn to contribute.  Consider taking a few moments and writing reviews for the various places you enjoyed on your trip.  Doing it within a few weeks of your return while you can still remember the places and the details of your experience.   

Begin planning your next adventure

Now that you are home, it is never too early to start thinking about your next adventure.  As the post-vacation blues begin to settle in as you return to normal life, chase them away by building on what you just experienced and starting plans for your next trip.